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Jatim Perkasa Salavage

Jatim Perkasa Salvage is a Business Entity that was established on July 15, 2014. Engaged in the fields of: Salvage, Underwater Work, Dredging and Reclamation to support the Functions of Safety and Security of Shipping and Maintenance of the Maritime Environment in Indonesian waters and its surroundings

“Our personnel are a team of experts who are experienced in their field, more than 25 years and have worked in several countries in Southeast Asia”

The asset that we currently have is an office located on Jl. Darmo Permai III, Ruko Bavarian Village Kav. N Surabaya, a dumping area located at the Brondong-Lamongan Feeder Port, as well as a Barge Crane which is able to work fast and is able to lift frames at a depth of approximately 200 meters with a lifting capacity of approximately 500 tons

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our vision & mission.


The Safety and Security of the Marine Environment is Our Service Priority


1. Prioritizing safety functions at work and maintaining a clean and pollution-free marine environment

2. Build a transparent, fast and professional salvage and underwater work business (partner).

Why Choose Us

We provide the best Services in the Maintenance of Maritime Environment

Our team consists of professional people, we value punctuality, and provide the best service.

The work we do requires people with specific skills and experience. We have skilled workers and have more than 30 years experience.

We always keep ahead of technological developments, so that the work we do can be more efficient and up to date.