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Who We Are

PT. Jatim Perkasa Salvage at a glance

As an Indonesian Salvage and wreck removal Company, it has been our honor to provide quality salvage and wreck removal since our initial operation in 2014. We build our upgrowing reputation upon the quality of our works which meets the satisfaction of our clients. Our years of experience and research in maritime circumstances has enabled us to only provide exceptional skills and substantial resources for any of your salvage and wreck removal needs.

Our services

Service We Provide


Wreck Removal

Removing vessel’s wreck from the seabed by using 350T crane barge and grabber, no diving works required during operation.

Marine Salvage

Recovering a vessel and its cargo after a shipwreck or other maritime casualty. Salvage may encompass towing, re-floating a vessel, or effecting repairs a ship.

Underwater Services

Our services are for underwater diving works, bunker removal, construction etc

Dredging & Reclamation

Our specialization is dredging on hard, clay, and corals seabed.

REcent project

projects that have been done

Wreck removal of MV. GEOS at Miri waters, Malaysia appointed by GARD P&I Club on 2022

Wreck removal of MV. Star Centurion at Bintan water/ Malacca strait appointed by Shipowners P&I Club 2022.

Removing subsea Pertamina’s gas pipe crossing west surabaya channel on 2016, the project appointed by PT. (Persero) Pertamina.

Wreck removal of FV. Dharma Kencana III in Labuan Bajo waters, appointed by PT. Dharma Lautan Utama on 2017

Wreck removal of MV. Meratus Banjar at Java Sea, appointed by Shipowners P&I Club on 2018.


PT Jatim Perkasa Salvage
Have Experience More Than 30 Years

Have Experience more Than 30 years

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